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Spain’s Gaming Revenue Jumps, Surges by 23.6%

Q3 saw a 23.6% jump in revenue, showing the industry is growing strong. Detailed segment analysis unveils nuanced trends: explore the 37.30% contribution from betting, a 52.67% stronghold in the casino segment, and more.
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by Wade Reporter

In the third quarter of 2023, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the regulatory body overseeing online gambling in Spain, released a report showcasing the performance of the gaming sector. Despite minor quarterly variations, the industry demonstrated resilience and adaptability, contributing to its overall growth.

Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR): The overall GGR for Q3 2023 in Spain’s online gambling sector was €304.26 million. While this marked a slight QoQ decrease of -2.67%, the industry exhibited a substantial YoY rise of 23.60%, emphasizing the sector’s robustness over the long term.

Financial Transactions: Deposits and withdrawals by players displayed mixed trends. Deposits experienced a marginal QoQ decline of -0.45%, contrasting with a notable YoY increase of 11.87%. Withdrawals, on the other hand, showed a more pronounced QoQ decrease of -2.92%, but a significant YoY rise of 8.07%.

Marketing Strategies: Marketing expenses for the quarter totaled €93.33 million, revealing a strategic reduction of -4.93% QoQ. The breakdown into affiliation expenses, sponsorship, promotions, and advertising further highlighted the industry’s concerted efforts to optimize expenditures while maintaining an annual increase of 12.01%.

Segment Analysis

  • Betting Segment: Contributing 37.30% to the GGR, the betting segment faced a -14.86% QoQ variation. Notable declines in pre-match betting (-31.70%) were offset by a remarkable 46.08% increase in other fixed-odds betting.
  • Casino Segment: Accounting for 52.67% of the GGR, the casino segment displayed resilience with a 6.94% QoQ increase. Live roulette and slots emerged as top performers with annual growth rates of 27.81% and 25.94%, respectively.
  • Bingo and Poker Segments: Bingo witnessed a QoQ growth of 2.91%, while the poker segment posted a positive 4.09% increase, driven by poker tournaments and cash games.
  • Contests Segment: Exhibiting an irregular pattern, the contests segment faced a -68.37% QoQ decrease but maintained an annual increase of 56.64%.
Operator Landscape: Spain’s online gambling industry featured 78 licensed operators for the quarter, with diversified active operators across segments: Betting (42), Bingo (3), Casino (50), Contests (2), and Poker (9).

The DGOJ’s report underscores the adaptability of Spain’s online gambling sector, navigating through Q3 fluctuations with measured strategies. The industry’s ability to optimize marketing expenses while sustaining growth in key segments positions it favorably for continued success in the dynamic Spanish gaming landscape. As regulatory oversight remains robust, the Spanish gaming sector shows promise for sustained growth in the quarters ahead.


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by Wade Reporter

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