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Updated: Mar 20, 2024
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In Sweden, online gambling is controlled by the Swedish Gambling Act, which started in January 2019. This law applies to all types of gambling involving money in Sweden. To operate legally, gambling businesses must get a license from the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Getting a License:
Gambling operators need a special license, known as a commercial online gambling license, to offer online gambling services. They also need licenses for other types of gambling, like running casinos, betting, or lotteries. Getting a license is strict. Operators have to show they know how to run their gambling business responsibly.

Taking Care of Players:
Sweden puts a lot of focus on responsible gambling and protecting players. Gambling companies with licenses have to put measures in place to stop people from gambling too much and to watch how players behave. Players have to be at least 18 years old to gamble, and companies can’t offer credit. Players also have to be able to set limits on how much they spend, and companies have to give clear information about responsible gambling.

Stopping Money Laundering:
Sweden has laws to stop money laundering. Gambling companies have to look out for signs of money laundering and do things to make sure it doesn’t happen. They have to check who their customers are and keep records. Companies that handle payments have to say no to any transactions related to gambling that doesn’t have a license.

Rules and Punishments:
A special authority, the Swedish Gambling Authority, checks if companies follow the rules. They can give fines or take away licenses if companies break the rules. People who help companies do illegal gambling can also get fined or go to prison. Players don’t usually get punished for gambling illegally, but they might have to pay taxes on any money they win.

Changes Coming:
There are some ideas for changing the rules. They might make the fines for breaking the money laundering rules different, and they want to update the rules about responsible gambling. The goal is to make sure players are protected and to stop any crime linked to gambling.

Overall, online gambling in Sweden is controlled to make sure players are safe, companies are responsible, and crime is stopped. The rules are strict, and there are punishments for breaking them. They’re thinking about changing some rules to make things even better.

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