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MGA Cancels Rush Gaming’s License

The article talks about how the MGA decided to cancel Rush Gaming's permission to operate Fansbet.com and Onebet.com because they didn't follow the rules. This happened after Rush Gaming got suspended in January. The MGA is doing this according to gaming laws, giving Rush Gaming seven days to tell players, pay what they owe, and take out mentions of the MGA.
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On March 18, 2024, the MGA announced that it has canceled Rush Gaming’s permission to operate. Rush Gaming runs Fansbet.com and Onebet.com. This decision follows MGA’s suspension of Rush Gaming in January.

Regulatory Compliance Measures

The Malta Gaming Authority used specific rules, like 9(1)(c) and 10(1)(a), to explain why they canceled Rush Gaming’s license.

Rush Gaming has only seven days from March 11 to inform customers and remove any mentions of MGA from their websites.

Rush Gaming can still try to fight against it using Article 43(1) of the law.

According to the H1 Interim Performance Report, the Malta gambling industry made €810.7 million in the last six months. This is a small increase of 1.1% compared to last year. This industry contributes 9.5% to Malta’s total earnings.

Compliance Actions

During the last period, the MGA conducted 14 compliance audits, carried out 85 desktop reviews, and imposed nine administrative penalties amounting to €124,400.

11 Compliance Examinations conducted for the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit led to the issuance of administrative penalties totaling €599,420 against three licensees found in breach of regulations.

A Word From the MGA

The MGA wants to make sure everyone follows the rules. They’re serious about keeping gambling fair and transparent in Malta, as shown by what they did to Rush Gaming recently.

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