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Mr. Hand Pay: High Limit Casino Player and YouTuber

This post will provide you with information about Mr. Hand Pay. It includes details about his YouTube channel, how much money he has won, and other aspects of his life. (Image source: Official site of Mr. Handy Pay,
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Mr. Hand Pay, also known as Jason Raymond, is famous in the gambling community. He’s popular for sharing his casino experiences on YouTube, streaming platforms, and other social media..

You can find Mr. Hand Pay on:

  1. Mr. Hand Pay Youtube
  2. Mr. Hand Pay TikTok

On YouTube, Mr. Hand Pay has more than 430,000 subscribers and over 120 million views (these numbers are accurate as of February 16, 2024). He started his YouTube channel in March 2021. Since then, his channel has grown, and he’s even started making educational videos about slot machines and how to win big.

Mr. Hand Pay YouTube Stats

Views (as of March 2024) 122.26M
Sub count (as of March 2024) 438.00K
Videos (as of March 2024) 2050
Average growth per week 6.4%
Average growth per month 25.8%

Mr. Hand Pay Biography

So, who is Mr. Hand Pay? Mr. Hand Pay was born in 1976. He found his passion for gambling when he was young. Growing up, he was really interested in casinos and the excitement they offered. As soon as he reached the legal age, he started visiting local casinos to test his luck.

Mr. Hand Pay’s Origins

Mr. Hand Pay Real Name Jason Boehlke
Age 48 y.o.
Country United States
First Time Online February 28, 2021
Height 5’9”
Weight 78 kg

Social Values

Jason Boehlke values his family and close friends a lot. He knows they play a big part in making his life better every day. He believes in building strong relationships with them that last a lifetime.

He also loves making videos and being active on social media. This passion has become a big part of his life and what he does.

Personal Traits

Since he was young, Jason has been disciplined and determined. These qualities have helped him work hard towards his goals. He’s lucky to have a loving family who enjoys spending time together and making special memories.

His family and experiences while growing up have shaped him into the remarkable person he is today.

Marital Status

Is Mr. Hand Pay married? Yes, he is happily married. He finds a lot of happiness in being with his loving and supportive wife. They face life’s ups and downs together, showing how strong their bond is.

Jason often gives credit to his wife for supporting him and helping him achieve success. Their relationship shows how important it is to have someone by your side who believes in you.

So, Mr. Hand Pay’s wife’s name, as many people think, is Nanette Marie Waguespack-Johnson.

Overall Activities by Mr. Hand Pay

Mr. Hand Pay is mostly famous for his involvement in gambling, especially playing slot machines. He has a lot of fans on platforms like YouTube, where he posts videos of himself playing games, sharing tips, and showing off his big wins.

What Does Mr. Hand Pay Do For a Living?

Back in high school in 1996, Jason Boehlke started a company called Pro-Coat. He got the idea from a marketing class project and learned how to seal coat from a relative. He began the business at his parents’ home with just a truck and a trailer.

After school, Jason would hand out flyers and go door-to-door to find customers, which helped Pro-Coat grow. While studying Economics and Health Promotion at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater, he kept building his business and graduated in 2004.

Pro-Coat expanded into different outdoor services, like lawn maintenance with Pro-Cut, patio installations with Pro-Scapers, and paving with Pro-Pave. They even started offering snow removal in 2008.

In 2015, Jason started J.R. Boehlke, Inc.

Activities in Gambling

Mr. Hand Pay had one of his biggest wins ever while playing the Buffalo slot machine. During live stream, he bet $500 per spin and hit a jackpot prize worth almost six figures.

On YouTube, Mr. Hand Pay is a popular personality known for his gambling videos. Here are his stats:

Views (as of March 2024) 122.26M
Sub count (as of March 2024) 438.00K
Videos (as of March 2024) 2050
Average growth per week 6.4%
Average growth per month 25.8%

Mr. Hand Pay Net Worth

As of the latest information, Mr. Hand Pay has a high net worth, mainly from his success in gambling and his popular online presence. His exact net worth may change over time depending on his winnings and other financial factors.

Here are the details:

  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Yearly Income: $500,000
  • Monthly Income: $42,000
  • Daily Income: $1,400

Mr. Hand Pay Interesting Facts

Mr. Hand Pay has a diverse career, wearing many hats including YouTuber, video maker, social media influencer, gamer, and digital entrepreneur.

He’s also the President of Mr. Hand Pay, LLC, showing his business smarts. With a net worth of $10 million, he’s clearly successful in the digital.

His academic achievements helped him get into content creation, something he’s passionate about.

Even with a busy work life, Mr. Hand Pay values spending time with his family, especially his supportive wife.

He’s active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where he connects with fans and builds real relationships.

Mr. Hand Pay Analysis

Mr. Hand Pay Slots Played Most Often

One of Mr. Hand Pay’s favorite slot machines to play is Buffalo. Let’s talk about one of his biggest wins.

When Mr. Hand Pay triggered a special feature on the Buffalo slot, he needed a big win to make up for his losses. The game gave him eight free spins, but the first six didn’t pay anything. Luckily, things turned around when he got ten more free spins on the seventh and eighth spins.

After eleven spins with no luck, he finally won $6,400 on the twelfth spin. Then, on the fourteenth spin, he hit the jackpot with five buffaloes across the reels. This paid out $72,000 because there were 24 different ways to win with a 2x multiplier.

In total, Mr. Hand Pay walked away with $94,925 from this amazing bonus round.

Preferred Slots

  • Million Dollar Dragon Link
  • Buffalo Ultimate Stampede
  • Huff N’ Puff
  • Money Link
  • Lightning Link
  • Double Top Dollar
  • Jackpot Carnival

The Biggest Wins

In a big win, Mr. Hand Pay scored nearly $95,000 on a Buffalo Link slot machine.

Mr. Hand Pay shared this video on his YouTube channel. It showed his session at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida, where he won big.

He started betting $250 per spin but quickly raised it to $500 per spin. He was after the Buffalo Link machine’s progressive jackpots and a special feature.

While playing at $500 per spin, he had some ups and downs. He won $11,500 and then $39,500 in separate bonus rounds. But even with these wins and some smaller ones, he was down over $100,000 before hitting the big jackpot at the 55-minute mark.

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