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This blog post describes how NG Slot's YouTube channel covers various topics such as biography, personal life, and activities that set NG Slot apart from others. It also provides insights into NG Slot's professional life, including activities in gambling, net worth analysis, and the biggest wins.
by Richard Hill
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NG Slot is a prominent YouTube channel known for its captivating videos of slot games featuring Narek Gharibyan, a dedicated content creator based in the US.

With a focus on sharing his slot gaming experiences and big wins, NG Slot has garnered a vast audience of over 472k subscribers and 437 million total views.

Narek’s engaging content and high-limit slot gameplay have made NG Slot a go-to destination for slot enthusiasts seeking informative and entertaining casino content.


Who is NG Slot? Narek Gharibyan, also recognized as NG Slot, is the proprietor of one of the most widely followed YouTube gambling channels worldwide. The NG Slots YouTube channel has gathered a following of over 458,000 enthusiasts.

Gharibyan’s notability is attributed to the casino experiences he shares, alongside the extensive collection of more than 4,600 videos. Due to his widespread recognition, inquiries have emerged regarding NG Slots’ net worth.

Our team aims to offer a sensible estimate of his net worth and delve into various facets of his life, such as his background and family.


Under the pseudonym NG Slot, Narek Gharibyan is a regular individual. He hails from Armenia and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2015.

Born in 1987, Gharibyan has held a passion for slot machines and regularly visits different casinos to play slots.

This interest ultimately led to the success of NG Slot’s YouTube channel.

In addition to his involvement in slot machines, Gharibyan is also a global jeweller with stores in the US and russia, which contributes to his net worth.

Real Name Narek Gharibyan
Date of birth 1987
Place of birth Armenia
Started YouTube Feb 17th, 2017

Personal Life

Narek Gharibyan prefers to keep his personal life private, distinguishing himself from other popular slot YouTubers who frequently engage in Q&A sessions or openly discuss their personal lives in videos.

Is NG Slot guy married? Nonetheless, some information about his family is known — he is married and has three children. So, if you were looking for the NG Slot wife name, you won’t ever find it.

While NG Slots’ wife has made appearances on some of his social media accounts, such as a Facebook post, Gharibyan has chosen not to disclose many details about his family, including their names.

What sets NG Slot apart from the rest?

NG Slot videos standsout due to the exceptional success and popularity as a YouTube gambling channel creator. His ability to captivate and engage viewers through his charisma, winning reactions, and positive demeanor distinguishes him in the competitive world of slot machine content creation.

Additionally, his consistent video production, offering a mix of thrilling slot gaming experiences and genuine interactions, has solidified his position as one of the most celebrated figures in the gambling community.

Moreover, NG Slot today sources of income, including his YouTube channel, online casino affiliate marketing, and his involvement in the jewellery profession, underscore his entrepreneurial spirit and contribute to his exceptional status in the industry.

Overall Activities by NG Slot

Let’s explore Narek Gharibyan’s diverse endeavors — from his YouTube channel to his impactful presence in the gambling and jewellery industries.

This section sheds light on the multifaceted persona behind the renowned NG Slot and provides valuable insights into his remarkable journey to success.

What Does NG Slot Guy Do for a Living

Gharibyan’s financial portfolio is multifaceted, drawing from several revenue streams that collectively contribute to NG’s net worth.

YouTube Blogging

His primary source of income stems from the NG Slot YouTube channel, where his engaging content garners a substantial following and ad revenue.

Leveraging his expertise and influence in the gambling sphere, Gharibyan also engages in online casino affiliate marketing, partnering with various platforms to promote and drive traffic to online gambling services.


In addition to his digital ventures, Gharibyan’s background as an international jeweller adds another dimension to his earnings.

Operating jewellery stores in both the US and Russia, his craftsmanship and business acumen in the luxury market significantly contribute to his financial standing.

Furthermore, the sale of NG-themed merchandise further bolsters his revenue streams, appealing to his dedicated fan base and extending his brand presence beyond the digital realm.


Gharibyan has established a Patreon account, welcoming donations from his supporters. This direct engagement with his audience fosters community involvement and provides an additional income stream that reflects his followers’ appreciation for his content and persona.

Gharibyan’s diverse income sources paint a comprehensive picture of a successful entrepreneur whose ventures span the realms of entertainment, marketing, craftsmanship, and community engagement.

NG Slot Activity in Gambling

NG Slot’s YouTube channel, established in 2017, has rapidly amassed a considerable fan base. Gharibyan’s appeal to viewers is attributed to his charm, celebratory responses to winning, and optimistic demeanor, as evident from viewer feedback on his videos.

Audience members frequently commend Gharibyan for maintaining a positive outlook even during less successful gambling sessions.

Consistently delivering content to maintain his momentum, Gharibyan regularly uploads at least one video per day, often more. Notable statistics from the NG Slots YouTube channel include:

  • 420 million overall views
  • An average of 61,000 views per day
  • A peak of 2.9 million views for his top video titled “$130,000 Handpay Jackpots on Slot Machines 2020”
  • A subscriber base of 458,000
YouTube Stats Figures
Overall Views 420 million
Average Daily Views 61,000
Subscribers 458,000

NG Slot Net Worth

How much is NG Slot worth? In 2024, we assessed NG Slots’ net worth at $2 million. The breakdown goes as follows:

  • Through YouTube alone, Gharibyan’s videos have generated approximately $4.2 million.
  • 1 million views typically yield about $10,000 for larger channels.
  • NG Slots’ videos have amassed 420 million views, equating to $4,200,000.

When factoring in production expenses for his videos, including travel costs, slots bankroll, meals, and more, Gharibyan’s net worth from YouTube earnings is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

What about the other part of the NG Slot guy net worth? As for his earnings from jewellery shops, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and Patreon donations, approximately $500,000 is thought to have been accumulated from these streams after expenses.

Revenue Source Estimated Earnings
YouTube $1.5 million
Other Revenue Streams $500,000

NG Slot Analysis

NG Slot is a prominent YouTube channel that primarily focuses on content related to games, particularly slot games. The channel has been active since February 17th, 2017 and has garnered substantial viewership and subscriber base.

As of the most recent data available, the channel boasts over 507,000 video views and 5,343 subscribers.

YouTube NG Slot content is predominantly dedicated to games and has achieved notable rankings in various categories. The channel’s total grade stands at 97,698th with a Social Blade rank of 1,798th.

Additionally, NG Slot is positioned at 33,214th for subscriber rank, 1,539th for video views rank, and 1,253rd for country rank. These rankings reflect the channel’s influence and reach within its target audience.

The channel’s estimated monthly earnings range from $1.2K to $19.6K, with potential yearly earnings estimated at $14.7K to $235.1K, illustrating the financial success and viability of its content.

Moreover, NG Slot’s consistent growth is evident from its gradual increase in subscribers, video views, and estimated earnings over the past 30 days, indicating a stable and engaged viewership.

The analytical history of NG Slot highlights the channel’s progressive growth in terms of monthly gained video views and subscribers, showcasing a positive trend in audience engagement and interest.

The channel is projected to reach 508,000 subscribers around March 13th, 2024, based on its current trajectory.

The Biggest Wins by NG Slot

Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda

NG achieved a significant win of $9,140 while playing the Fu Dai Lian Lian Panda slot in Las Vegas after triggering the Grand Jackpot by spelling out G-R-A-N-D on the reels.

For those looking to replicate NG’s success, consider making the switch from the Buffalo slot to the Panda-themed game, as showcased in NG Slot’s renowned video.

This game features an array of enticing elements such as multipliers, free spins, and expanding wilds, all combining to create thrilling gameplay and the potential for substantial payouts.

Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes

NG Slot achieved a significant milestone in 2019 by securing a $20,158 payout playing the Buffalo Gold Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes slot machine, marking a noteworthy highlight in his YouTube journey.

Gharibyan skillfully accumulated this substantial prize by capitalizing on multipliers during the bonus round.

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