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Better Collective is a digital sports media group that operates sports media sites. The company leads in the affiliate media in terms of user volume and is continuously expanding by acquiring local projects.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Stock Symbol NASDAQ: BETCO
Revenue 2023 326.7mEUR (+17%)
Profit after tax 2023 39.8mEUR (-17%)
NDCs 2023 1.9M (+14%)
Executive Management & Board of Directors 10
Jesper Søgaard
CEO & co-founder
Christian Kirk Rasmussen
COO & co-founder
Flemming Pedersen
Jens Bager
Chair of the Board
Therese Hillman
Vice chair
Britt Boeskov
Board member
Todd Dunlap
Board member
Leif Nørgaard
Board member
René Rechtman
Board member
Petra von Rohr
Board member
Better Collective Projects 13
Acquired in 2023.
Digital sports media company

Founded in 2017.

Acquired in 2023.
Sweden’s biggest online sports fan community

Founded in 2000.

Acquired in 2023.
Sports media in Denmark

Founded in 2000.

Canada Sports Betting
Acquired in 2022.
Sports betting resource in Canada.

Founded in 2010.

Acquired in 2022.
Esport brand related to esoccer games

Founded in 2014.

The Action Network
Acquired in 2021.
Sports media in North America

Founded in 2017. Action Network is a sports media project that emphasizes data-driven insights and analytics. It enables users to make well-informed betting decisions by providing real-time odds, premium offers, and exclusive insights from industry experts. The platform facilitates the tracking of all betting activities in a centralized manner, enhancing the overall in-game and postgame experience for users.

Acquired in 2021.
Dutch digital soccer media

Founded in 2005.

Acquired in 2020.
Leading CS:GO community

Founded in 2002.

Acquired in 2020.
CS:GO community in Denmark

Founded in 2016.

Acquired in 2019.
Sports media for US users

Founded in 1997.

Acquired in 2018.
German sports tips and content

Founded in 2002.

Acquired in 2018.
Sports betting media in Greece.

Founded in 2012.

Acquired in 2006.
Global sports betting community.

Founded in 2000.

Statistics of Project Acquisitions
Year 2024
0 €0M
Year 2023
4 €236.5M
Year 2022
2 €126.4M
History of Project Acquisitions
Date Project Summ
November, 2023 Playmaker Capital €176M
September, 2023 Tipsbladet €6.5M
September, 2023 Torcedores.com N/A
July, 2023 Playmaker $54M
Q2 2022 Futbin €105M
Q1 2022 Canada Sports Betting €21.4M
Financial indicators
Data 2023 Q4 2023 Q3 2023
NDCs 1.9M (+14%) 483K (-17%) 445K (+27%)
Revenue 326.7mEUR (+17%) 85.2mEUR (-1%) 75mEUR (+26%)
Recurring revenue 191.1mEUR (+33%) 47.4mEUR (+13%) 46mEUR (+49%)
Profit after tax 39.8mEUR (-17%) 7.5mEUR (-63%) 3.1mEUR (-55%)
EBITDA 111mEUR (+23%) 30mEUR (-16%) 20mEUR (+35%)
EBITDA-margin 34% (-2%) 35% (-6%) 26% (+2%)
Cash flow 119.3mEUR (+42%) 38mEUR (+45%) 14mEUR (+7%)

*For the Q4 of 2023 and 2023, data has been sourced from the company’s official report. A comparative data is presented for the corresponding period in the previous year (2022).

Financial indicators updated: 26.03.2024

Distribution by monetization and regions in 2023

More information can be found in the official report at the following link.

Better Collective is a digital sports media group that owns a variety of sports media sites, positioning itself as a leader in terms of audience volume and New Depositing Customers (NDCs) generated through affiliate marketing.

The company's notable growth is attributed to its strategic focus on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). An analysis of its recent acquisitions reveals a clear emphasis on local sports media websites.

After successfully acquiring Playmaker, the company secured the second position among digital sports media groups. It outpaced CBS Sports and Yahoo Sports, trailing only behind ESPN, with a monthly active user count reaching 380 million.

In early 2023, Better Collective launched AdVantage, its own in-house advertising platform. This platform utilizes zero- and first-party data from their sports brands to provide targeted advertising to niche audiences. By consolidating inventory and offering various advertising options, AdVantage aims to increase revenue and CPM rates across the company's brands.

Another important aspect of Better Collective's strategy is revenue diversification and monetization. They aim to maximize revenue generation through diversified business models, including advertising sales and performance marketing. By optimizing their monetization waterfall and leveraging data effectively, they aim to reduce reliance on third-party platforms and middlemen.

Looking ahead, Better Collective aims to continue its strong financial performance. They exceeded their financial targets for 2023, with revenue reaching €327 million and EBITDA before special items at €111 million. For 2024, they have set targets of €390-420 million in revenue and €125-135 million in EBITDA. Their long-term targets for 2023-2027 include a revenue CAGR of +20% and an EBITDA margin before special items of 35-40%.

Overall, Better Collective's success can be attributed to its strategic focus on M&A, innovative technology platform, diversified revenue streams, and ambitious financial targets.

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